Unbelievable free software from Daz Studio for amazing 3D artwork & so simple to use
DAZ Studio is a free 3D design application - but it probably doesn't do what you think it does. Most 3D design software focuses on modeling objects. DAZ Studio's sister program, commercial Carrara, is a more traditional modeler. SketchUp is great for modeling buildings, Sculptris is for sculpting organic shapes, Silo is for general modeling... and DAZ Studio isn't really for modeling at all. With its heavy emphasis on posing and morphing, using DAZ Studio is almost like playing with dolls or action figures - you take ready-made, beautiful models, and just assemble and pose them to the scene of your choice.
As well as creating stunning pictures Daz 3d can also make amazing animations with pre programmed animate scripts.
This animation was made using Daz 3D at the click of a button
Animate at the click of a button
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